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Eyewear Wardrobe Lens Types - Lens Materials

Lens Types

Single Vision Lenses are to correct one distance: far (distance vision), or near (reading glasses).

Bi-Focals are for two distances.
Tri-Focals correct three including far, intermediate and near.

Computer Lenses
Correction for 10' to 16" or 4' to 16" depending on your needs.

Progressive Design - Far to 16"
There are over 100 brands on the market - I prefer to use the best for easiest adjustments and better vision with less Peripheral distortion.

Lens Materials

Glass - best visual acuity but not used much because of shattering.
CR39 Plastic - replaced glass with some shatter resistance but can scratch easily.
Polycarbonate - A.K.A. Featherweights are lightweight and thinner but slow down light transmission, they are used mainly for safety reasons for children.
Trivex or Phoenix - Lightweight and shatter resistant, better light transmission than poly.
High Index - (1.60 / 1.67 / 1.70 / 1.74):  The higher the index the thinner the lens.  Depending on your prescription and frame design choice,  the lens thickness will vary.  I will help you make the best visual and aesthetically appealing decision.
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